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Finally I found the time to set up a website for the Minimal Clock Widget for Android. I created this blog to share some facts, ideas and inspirations around the project. I’ll also inform you about the upcoming updates and give some insight in the development process.

When I started the project I said to myself, that I would be extremely happy, if one person likes my clock design. Now, the clock widget has just broke through 26.000 downloads in the Google Play Store and the rating of 4.5 of over 230 people is just plain awesome! I met a lot of really interesting and wonderful people in the process, and I want to thank them a lot.

Feel free to comment on the blog. Share the stories and if you haven’t had a look at the clock widget yet, try it out!

Let us start by recalling: I tell you the story behind the Minimal Clock.

The Story – Part 1: Getting the idea

I started the whole clock project just for fun and learning roughly before one year. I finished my diploma in chemistry and wanted to dip in something completely new for a little distraction. So, I decided, that I wanted to learn Android app development, to get rid of the lame self-excuse “I don’t know how to …” every time I had a million dollar app idea.

The best way for me to learn something is not to read books, it is better to throw yourself into a real problem situation. So I thought of an “easy” and realizable project. Not only I wanted to program an application for Android. No, I wanted also to publish it, to advertise it, to get real people to download it, to get the full impression of Android apps and what is all around. The problem was: What can I do. At this time I was clueless, what is easy to do.

As I am interested into art and design, I always search for something nice looking for personalizing my Android home screen. So I looked around for a nice clock widget, to replace the stock HTC-clock. But I could’t find something, which satisfied my taste for plain and minimalistic design.

So there was the lightbulb above my head: “Why not create a clock widget myself? This looks really easy to do.”

The project idea was born… I didn’t had a clue, how difficult it would really be.

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