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Has LEGO an impact on creativity?

Do you remember, when you were a child and wanted to build something with LEGO?

Do you were the type who just build the model by the manual or the type who builds it one time and throwing the pieces afterwards in your big LEGO box?
I was definitely the second kid. I was addicted to Lego. I kneed on the carped the whole day surrounded by a million LEGO pieces.
My dream was it to become a LEGO Artist for the (this time only) LEGO park in Denmark.

Now, when I look around me I’m not sitting in mountain of colorful plastic pieces. One can say this is sad or that I grew up.
But I learned a lot playing with LEGO:

  • three dimensional thinking
  • solving problems
  • a fresh restart is not so bad
  • the process of building your own ideas is really satisfying

The most important: I learned that everything in your imagination is “build-able”.
So if you have kids, buy them some LEGO and tell them they can build everything they want with it.

You may ask yourself, why the heck is he talking about this?

Because I stumbled upon the new project of Google and LEGO:
This brought up some nostalgic thoughts. I found also the time to participate.

I tried rebuilt one of my famous clocks. The astronomic clock on the Piazza della Loggia in Brescia, Italy.
Later it’ll follow an entire blog post about it.

Look here to see my creation on buildwithchrome
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