android wear powered smartwatch

Android Wear – Yes, please!

Today Google announced Android Wear. This will expand the android operating system by adding support for wearables and smartwatches. We are not only talking about smartwatches, we talk about everything whats imaginable.

For me as a clock widget designer this is very interesting. I plan to bring some design watchfaces
from the Minimal Clock to the new smartwatches and add some innovative features.
Knight Rider
When I first saw the announcement I had immediatly the 80’s show “Knight Rider” in my mind.
Hopefully we can call our Google self driving cars “KIT” with our smartwatches like
David Hasselhoff in near future. A Child’s dream come true.

The big G has teamed up with some big companies to bring some devices in near future.
On the one hand Google ex-favorite company Motorola will give us a wonderful smartwatch this summer (see feature image).
If you are a developer, you should sign up at for a chance to get it your hands on as it soon.
Also LG, which we all know and love for their NEXUS 4 and 5, will follow later this year with the LG G Watch.

Here is the video introducing Android Wear.