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Why I love muzei…

Roman Nurik is my new role model!

But first what is muzei?

It is a Live Wallpaper for Android which shows a everyday a selected classic artwork as your homescreen background.
Muzei overlays it with a blur and when you double tap it will smoothly unblur itself showing its true beauty.
This sounds not breathtaking, but if you try this I assure you’ll be overwhelmed by its beauty!
I could tell you more, but my words can’t describe what i mean. So go to the Play Store and try it yourself! See the pictures below, and you’ll understand.

Why Roman Nurik inspires me.

He is exactly the kind of developer I want to be someday. His new creation “muzei” is so wonderfully designed that it hurts!
He defines the Android Design in a new way. He opens up a new path. I love the animation of the muzei logo on the first startup of the app and the animations between the different views.

I think also he worked together with Romain Guy. I know for sure that Romain Guy created the implementation of the blur filter and also the animation part. So this means, Nurik learns something by doing something. Exactly as I do on the minimal clock widget.

The best part of this all is that everything is open source. I’ll learn a lot about android in his code and I’ll adapt him and include maybe some things in the minimal clock. Thank you for inspiring me!

Tell me what you think!

  • muzei screenshot
  • minimal clock muzei
  • muzei screen
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